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Instructions on how to limit Facebook account phone number checkpoint errors

Step 1: Access your Facebook account. Step 2: Next, visit this link:

There are two s

2024-04-26 17:13:53


Important steps to take after purchasing an account

24-48 hours after purchasing an account, you need to do the following information to ensure long-term safe use and avoid unexpected problems.

1. Change Facebook password:
Step 1: Access th

2024-02-25 23:27:04


7 Important notes when using an account purchased from Accgold

Dear friends, we are committed to bringing you the best quality accounts to suit your needs. Along with a flexible warranty and return policy, we always want you to receive the best products and

2024-02-16 00:13:50


How To Login Account?

How To Login Account:

EX: 1122686868|@Accgold68|V9AECJDH3E6DQOPP||Accgold68|
Using: login with link: 2023-11-24 07:27:02

How do correctly retrieve the Business Manager link?

How To Get BM:

EX: 135513738476689|

Log in using your Facebook account to access your BM. Follow the provided link sequentially and proceed with the steps

2023-11-16 17:57:57


The method to add a payment card within a page in the ad center

Welcome! We'd like to introduce a method for adding advertising tags. You can refer to adding a card to your account (which many people have successfully used).

Please note that this method is for reference only!


2023-11-16 16:53:49


Safely Changing Your Facebook Account Password to Avoid Checkpoints

Greetings, my friends! In this guide, I will demonstrate a secure method to change your Facebook account password without encountering any Checkpoints. When you acquire a new account, it is crucial to modify the password cautiously, as a regular passwo

2023-05-16 23:15:12


How to Fix a Disabled account after adding a new card that doesnt hold money successfully

If you’ve added a payment method that doesn’t hold money successfully, it may cause your ad account to be disabled due to abnormal activity. To fix this issue, follow the steps below:


Step 1: Log

2023-05-16 23:13:06


Instructions for buying an account at offers a platform that allows you to purchase and receive accounts instantly after completing the payment.
Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Create a member account by visiting

2023-05-16 22:24:07