Privacy Policy

AccGold is dedicated to offering customers ambitious, exceptional, reputable, and dependable financial solutions to simplify their crucial decision-making processes. Our commitment extends to safeguarding the confidentiality of all personal information entrusted to us. Throughout our information management procedures, we consistently uphold the following Privacy Principles:

Collection of Information

We gather information directly from customers and through transparent and legal means from various sources.

The information we collect about customers is based on their interactions with us, encompassing their name, gender, date of birth, occupation, identity-related details (such as ID card or passport information), citizenship, contact information, usage patterns of our products and services, preferences, customer demographics, interests, and any other information voluntarily provided by the customers. We solely collect information that is necessary for the provision of products and services, for legitimate business purposes, and to gain a deeper understanding of our customers' needs.

For online customers, we may collect additional details such as their IP address, type of operating system used, website visitation history (including the time and duration of visits), internet access location, and the specific sections of our site they have explored. This information aids in tracking usage, enhancing our website, and potentially improving the overall customer experience. For more comprehensive information, kindly refer to our Online Privacy Policy.

Utilization of Personal Information

We only utilize or disclose customers' personal information for the purpose it was originally collected, or for other purposes explicitly agreed upon by the customers, or as mandated by law. This may involve sharing personal information with reinsurers, agents, representatives, or our service providers. In certain cases, as required by law, customer personal information may be shared with individuals, organizations, service providers, and AccSanta employees in jurisdictions different from the one where the information was initially collected, subject to the laws of the respective jurisdiction. Without your consent, we will not share your personal information with any external organization unrelated to our group for marketing purposes.

Under certain circumstances, within the framework of the law, we may share customer information within the AccSanta group to provide customers with relevant information about other products and services. Customers have the right to opt out of receiving such promotional information.

We may conduct analysis of customer information to gain insights into customer needs and identify the types of products, services, and promotions that may be of interest to them. We will retain your personal information until it is no longer required to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected, or as mandated by law. Ensuring the accuracy and currency of our customers' personal information is a priority for us, as it is essential to achieving the intended uses of the information.

Methods of Protection

We employ appropriate security measures to protect customers' personal information, commensurate with the significance of the information, in order to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or misuse.

We assume responsibility for the personal information within our possession, including information transmitted to service providers who currently perform duties on our behalf. When sharing personal information with service providers, it is their responsibility to protect the information by implementing measures consistent with our privacy practices and policies.

Privacy Statement

We are devoted to managing personal information under meticulous control. We have dedicated staff responsible for overseeing compliance with our Privacy Principles. We ensure that information about our privacy policy and personal information management practices is easily accessible to our customers.

Upon receiving a written request, we will provide customers with reasonable access to their personal information and furnish a description of its usage or disclosure, in accordance with applicable laws. Customers also have the right to verify the accuracy and completeness of their information and request appropriate modifications or deletions, as permitted or required by law.